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Are you ready to save an Armenian today? The answer appears to be “NO”.

By on April 24, 2013
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On April 24th thousands of Armenians gather around the World to morn the 1.5 million lives lost during the Genocide nearly a century ago. Why? The answer is simple, because we as Armenians want justice from the world. Every human life is priceless and a Genocide is a crime that has left us with a 98-years-old scar with memories that will never be erased from our minds, our hearts, our books and our future. So would we, Armenians living in 2013, do anything to save another Armenian today?

Sadly the answer appears to be a depressing “NO”! Why? The answer is simple, we “talk the talk”, but won’t take a simple step to walk the walk.

ABMDR DonorsCurrently there are over 700 Armenians around the world with leukemia, lymphoma or similar diseases who are waiting for matching donors to save their lives. Due to our unique genetic makeup we have a higher success rate in finding a compatible donor within other Armenians than within other donor registries worldwide. Unfortunately we cannot use this great advantage to our benefit as we cannot get enough people to register and become donors. Due to the latest advances in science and medicine, every single one of those suffering from blood related disease can be saved today if we can get about 130,000 Armenians to register and be willing to donate their stem cells.

So why do we “care” about those who were killed 98 years ago but we are not willing to help a fellow Armenian today? Or do we really care and is April 24 just another day off?

Many thanks to the ABMDR board and volunteers for all their efforts. My gratitude goes out to those who are registered potential donors and I envy those who have actually saved someone’s life!

If you care to save a life, visit the Armenian Bone Marrow Donor Registry (ABMDR) at Support, sign up for events and register to be a donor TODAY!

Let’s Walk the Walk – the ABMDR Walk Of Life 2013 Los Angeles

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